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There are time limits in place with regard to most kinds of legal cases going through the judicial system. Don't lose out on your monetary rewards because you weren't aware of the statute of limitations! Call our offices today!


We also specialize in commercial and residential real estate, civil litigation and trials, municipal court / traffic violations, corporate and business law, criminal matters and worker's compensation.

It's never a good idea to tackle the justice system on your own. The laws change all the time and without the proper education, training and experience, you'll wind up losing your case.


With more than 25+ years of experience and the resources at hand to put together a solid case for you in your legal endeavor, you can rest assured knowing that every legal avenue is being taken and that your voice is being heard.

We will fight vigorously for your rights and ensure that they remain protected while seeking the justice and compensation that you, your loved one or your family members need and deserve.


Call today to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation to learn the options for your particular case. For personal injury cases, these are accepted on a contingency basis, meaning, you don't pay unless we win your case.

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